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April 13, 2017 5:20 PM The dark side of Earth: Nasa releases the clearest images yet of our glittering planet at night

Nasa has released stunning new images showing how humans have lit up every corner of the Earth. The space agency has spent years collecting and analysing satellite images of Earth and have put together the clearest yet composite view of Earth's 'night lights'. The maps reveal how human settlements have shaped the planet and lit up the darkness. A view of Europe's 54

April 10, 2017 10:19 AM Great Barrier Reef 'cooking and dying' as seas heat up, warn scientists

Two-thirds of reef facing coral bleaching (CNN) - More than two-thirds of the coral in Australia's Great Barrier Reef is experiencing "shocking" amounts of bleaching, new aerial surveys have revealed. Back-to-back bleaching events in 2016 and 2017 have devastated a 1,500 km (900 miles) stretch of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Australian scientists 70

March 30, 2017 9:11 AM Warm beer no hurdle as customers near Mackay start post-Cyclone Debbie clean-up

It may not have power, and the carpets are wet after being flooded, but the bottle shop at the Railway Hotel, 30km from Mackay, is doing a roaring trade, two days after Cyclone Debbie crossed the north Queensland coast. Publican Brian Sheedy said he was happy to provide an important service for the Marion community. "We opened this morning to clean up at 9:30 and then one of the local 10

March 29, 2017 11:33 AM 42 Questions About Brexit That Need Answering

The starter’s pistol has fired. British Prime Minister Theresa May has officially triggered “Article 50” of the Lisbon Treaty, initiating a two-year process of negotiations to bring the United Kingdom out of the European Union. When 52% of the British electorate voted to leave the E.U. in June 2016, few realized just what a fiendishly complicated process 79

March 21, 2017 3:44 AM Wildlife officers given order to kill croc 'if necessary' over fisherman death

Wildlife officers have been authorised to kill the crocodile believed to have fatally attacked a spear fisherman south of Cairns if necessary. The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection gave the go-ahead for lethal force to be used "if necessary" on Tuesday after wildlife officers were unsuccessful in removing the four-metre crocodile overnight 29

March 20, 2017 7:35 PM 10 Facts About Happiness From Around the World

On International Happiness Day, find out how personal and professional standing influence a person's mood. Happiness stems from all aspects of life, from employment to health to friendships. While the building blocks of a satisfying life are universal, happiness levels vary from country to country. The 2017 World Happiness Report by the UN Sustainable 48

March 20, 2017 6:26 PM Does Work Make You Happy? Evidence from the World Happiness Report

Since most of us spend a great deal of our lives working, it is inevitable that work plays a key role in shaping our levels of happiness. In a recent chapter of the World Happiness Report — published annually to coincide with the United Nation’s International Day of Happiness — we look more closely at the relationship between work and happiness. We draw largely 39

March 18, 2017 5:23 PM Scientists mobilize as bleaching resumes on Great Barrier Reef

Coral bleaching resumes on Great Barrier Reef Scientists and Reef managers from ten research institutions across Australia, representing the National Coral Bleaching Taskforce, have returned to the Reef only one year after scorching temperatures caused the worst coral bleaching event on record in 2016. Teams will spend the next few weeks in the air and underwater 32

March 17, 2017 9:42 PM Coral Reefs Are Threatened by More Than Just Climate Change

Coral reefs are in danger, and our dumping way too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is a big reason why. Climate change is warming the oceans and raising sea level, and that extra CO2 dissolved in seawater is literally undermining the foundations of coral reef ecosystems worldwide. But these delicate rainforests of the sea face a lot of other 89

March 17, 2017 9:42 PM An Introduction to Coral Reefs

The tropical latitudes of the world’s oceans could be called the desert sand dunes of the ocean. They are barren, relatively sterile places. The water is a pleasure to swim and snorkel in – but because it is so warm, it tends to float on top of the colder water underneath. This inhibits the deep-water upwellings that bring nutrients to the ocean’s surface 84