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Ntuli Cracks Ribs At GIMC Giggle-Dom

September 11, 2018 4:00 AM
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Unlike other comedians who take a few minutes to settle at the beginning of a set, the 39-year-old comic found her groove right from the onset.

As a headliner for the GIMC comedy she snugly fitted the bill from the word go. The full-time stand-up comedian was comfortable on stage and from the second she cracked her first joke, the audience knew they were in for a great show of non-stop giggle-dom.

She began by pointing out people’s everyday encounters and situations and managed to show how silly they are.

“African men don’t like to hold hands in public. They only use their hands at night,” she said. Her gender related jokes put the crowd at ease and she also managed to dwell on her personal life including her encounters with white people in South Africa.

“Taking nudes is not an easy job for us as women. We never get satisfied with the angles. It is no wonder we delete so much pictures before sending,” she joked. The audience found her humour funny, but more so because they agreed with what she said. Another comedian who cracked ribs at the show was Thapelo Tips Shampoo also from South Africa.

Tips Shampoo was the host and he found a way to keep people laughing in between the comedians’ sets.

he shone the light on people and situations around them. “Since more men circumcised there has been an increase in the leather jacket business. May be they are made out of foreskins. We wear people’s erections,” he said satirically.

Tips Shampoo joked about everything and he was quick to make fun of pastors “who speak in tongues£.

“There is nothing like speaking in tongues. Those guys run out of English. Sometimes this language just disappears from our lips.”

Although the local headliner Mawee made the audience laugh, he kept repeating some of his old jokes, something that is very common amongst local comedians.

With a naughty smile, a comedian from Tsabong called Brooks was on top of his game as he improvised in everything he laid his eyes on. He joked about members of the audience and he didn’t have to use his prepared jokes.

Roy Phetolo also didn’t disappoint but the man who stole the limelight from the local comedians was a young man called Penene Ponono. The winner of last year’ President’s Day competitions in the comedy category even got a standing ovation from the crowd.

The comedian, who uses so much body language to deliver his jokes was not even in the lineup to begin with. Overall, the night was a success for the GIMC comedy fans that keep growing year-after-year.


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