Your Ultra HD telly is in for a huge treat

September 22, 2017 8:14 AM

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Your Ultra HD telly is in for a huge treat

APPLE TV 4K claims to finally bring Ultra HD content to UK homes but can the US technology really do what so many others have failed to achieve? Here’s's full Apple TV 4K review.

Walk into any local electrical superstore and you’ll be confronted by rows of 4K TVs bursting with bright and beautiful content.

These latest televisions always appear incredibly impressive, but take one home and your experience may not be quite what you were hoping for.

4K content is in short supply with only a few services offering programmes in this gloriously rich format.

However, things might be about to change for owners of Ultra HD TVs with Apple launching its first ever 4K compatible set-top box.

This mini TV streaming device not only pumps content to your television in 4K but also adds HDR (High Dynamic Range) as well.

4K HDR offers the ultimate viewing experience with pin-sharp image, more pixels, bright colours and richer blacks. has been testing this new streaming box and here’s our full review.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Apple TV 4K is how easy it is to set up.

This instantly sets up your Apple account and within seconds you’ll be up and running and ready to watch some of the very latest content.

As before, Apple’s tvOS operating system is clean, fresh and simple to navigate – with all of your content made accessible by a slightly updated touch remote.

Apple refreshed its remote on the last Apple TV and this new version keeps its wafer-thin size and touch pad design.

The only difference is the new remote now has a white and slightly raised ring around the menu button.

This makes sure you can find this useful button even when the room is dark and it also helps users keep the remote the right way up.

Most of the other features found on this new streaming box are very similar to the last Apple TV with a Siri button which helps find content quickly and even lets you fast forward and rewind shows via simple voice commands.

Apple has boosted the performance of the new TV with its A10 X Fusion processor now around two times faster than the previous-generation.

This extra power certainly helps when playing some of the latest apps and games especially as these titles are begining to get console-style graphics.

But of course the biggest change is that Apple now lets you watch 4K movies and shows on its new TV box.

Colours are rich, the picture is pin-sharp and, as long as you also have an HDR ready TV, you’ll get one of the best viewing experiences on the market.

There’s really no doubting that 4K is stunning and makes watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters an absolute joy.

Apple has also said it won’t charge any extra for watching in 4K with prices staying the same as its current HD content.

We headed to the updated iTunes Store and were able to buy movies such a LEGO Batman for £9.99 in full 4K quality - that's considerably cheaper than what other services, such as Amazon, charge for their 4K content.


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