UK Government to Ban E-cigarettes For Minors

January 27, 2014 3:21 PM

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Fearing severe damage to health, the U.K. government will ban the sale of E-cigarettes to under18s in the fall.

The law was introduced as an amendment under the Children's and families bill. The government also plans to make it illegal for adults to buy cigarettes for under 18s.

E-cigarettes contain traces of nicotine and emit water vapors giving the illusion of smoking. Due to the absence of harmful elements like tar and tobacco, most people ignore the probable health hazards involved in its consumption.

Acknowledging the ill-effects of E-cigarettes, England's Chief Medical Officer, Sally Davies said, "We do not yet know the harm that e-cigarettes can cause to adults let alone to children, but we do know they are not risk- free." She also added that the toxins produced in E-cigarettes have different levels of nicotine, which is extremely toxic and dangerous to the health of young smokers.

Nearly a sixth of the population in the United Kingdom smokes cigarettes, reports Ash, an anti-smoking charity organization. E-cigarettes were introduced to cut down the numbers.

Katherine Devlin, president of Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association, approved of the ban stating that it was high time such a law was implemented, reports BBC. "It's high time that it was mandated in law so that it can be robustly enforced," she added. She emphasized that the label on the cigarettes made it clear that it was not meant for under-18s.

A blanket ban on these cigarettes in the European Union has not been welcomed. A compromise allows a restriction on the amount of nicotine in E-cigarettes. If three or more member states (of EU) allow the ban then the rest will have to follow suit, reports Reuters.

Reports from the U.S. Surgeon's General suggest that the effects of E-Cigarettes are not entirely understood and hence, could complicate public health messages. Chicago is likely to join the U.K. in banning E-cigarettes.


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