Tablets Sell Under $40

December 18, 2013 6:57 PM

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Tablets are gaining popularity and tech companies just know that they need to focus on these devices more than ever. While people are searching for something light weighted and easy to handle, companies are trying to attack the market with low price. Getting a tablet for $40 seems like a deal got for the after Thanksgiving period or Cyber Monday. Datawind, a company located in London, is planning to make a tablet debut releasing three models of Ubislate devices in Q1 of 2014. According to the CEO of this company, Suneet Singh Tuli, these new tablets won’t be out there to compete with the iPads.

The primary goal for these tablets will be the students and everybody else who feels like he needs an affordable tablet. This isn’t the first try for the company to release a tablet line. Datawind represents a company known for supplying all Indian students with Aakash tablet line. Mr. Tuli added that his company is trying to expand its range outside of India and to start providing affordable devices to Sub-Saharan Africa’s countries. Cheaper price of its tablets is one of the easiest ways how to attract the attention of the potential buyers.

The Ubislate 7Ci sells for $37.99 and it’s the cheapest tablet for now. It uses the technology that Apple has abandoned recently. This tablet is using Cortex A8 processor chip that has been included into Apple’s A4 chip for making the processor of the original iPad and normally the iPhone 4.

Datawind also offers a high-end device with dual-core processor and Ubislate 3G7 that sells for $129.99. Unlike the other tablets, this model supports 3G network and Wi-Fi connection. It can be also included into the phablet territory because of its ability to make establish calls. It comes with improved 1024×600 display that looks really blurry if you compare it with the market leading tablets.

Tuli has added that they are working on improving these tablets before they even release them to the market in the US. There is more work that it needs to be done and some other basic upgrades need to be installed to this entry-level product. Tuli ended his statement saying that the high-end devices which are available in the US are tied up with local data plans and catered to US local networks. Does this mean that he has some major plan to attack this? – We have to wait for little bit more to see it.


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