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Posted by DANIEL CHIDA on May 23, 2014

Last Sunday The Voice Reporter Daniel Chida found a group of two men and a woman seated at the popular ‘beach’ spot in Maun talking about awareness day for missing people.

Man wearing White shirt: Towards elections people always disappear and our government does not want to address the issue.

Tall and tiny man: What to do you want our government to say? Stop the Muti murders?

White Shirt: Just like they run public awareness campaigns about Malaria towards summer, the same thing must be done towards the elections about the disappearances. We lose too many people, especially children, whenever there’s a general election.

Tall man: What image would that portray internationally? We can’t have such a day in our calendar, are you mad.

Woman wearing green top: I support the idea of public awareness but we would have to engage the culprits to spread the message.

Woman: Don’t act dumb, you are a Motswana and you know very well that politicians and businessmen have been prime suspects all along. Politicians will do whatever it takes to win elections, while businessmen do whatever it takes to lure clients.

White Shirt: I have also realised that businessmen take advantage of election time because all the focus is on politicians. We cannot allow these murders to continue, it is a shame to lose our family members for ritual purposes.

Woman: I can’t see the government endorsing such a campaign. Too many politicians have been involved with this muti over the years. No one would be bold enough.

Tall man: You say it’s politicians, but I can’t believe they would get their hands dirty like that. Who does the actual killing?

Woman: Nxa, wena you like to pretend! A boy like you who grew up in a rural village knows very well that there are young unemployed boys who’ll do anything for beer money.

Tall man: I can’t imagine my MP going around with a loud speaker announcing that we are entering an election period and kids should not be unaccompanied because people (politicians) are likely to kill them.

It’s better to find a better way to do it than the way you two are planning.

Woman: The awareness should be made big so that it goes international, it should also be done over a longer period where there will be an open day and maybe after a few months we have another one.

We normally have a month of Youth against AIDS but this one should be even bigger than that.

Tall man: You really like this topic. Did you lose someone close to you?

Woman: A loss to someone else is a loss to me too, only those who benefit from the rituals like you will be against our idea.

Tall man: Please talk to me nicely, I am not against that, I just wanted clarity.

White Shirt: Let’s change the topic guys, I can see some people are coming and they may twist our words.

Source: thevoicebw.com

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