Four abducted Zimbabwean minors safely return home through red cross assistance

May 8, 2014 5:40 PM

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On the 12th of April 2014 four (4) minors were safely reunited with their families through Botswana Red Cross Society’s Tracing unit.

The minors were victims of child trafficking and have illegally entered Botswana in September 2013.

The children were abducted by a man who is alleged to be the father to the three (3) children whilst the fourth minor was brought to Botswana with a promise to be sponsored to reunite with her mother in South Africa but instead the man abused the minor both physically and sexually.

While the Botswana Police Service was still investigating the matter, Botswana Red Cross Society was requested to provide temporary shelter for the concerned minors.

The mother of the children is said to have denied ever giving their father permission to remove the children from Zimbabwe.

Botswana Red Cross society assisted the minors with Psycho social support, accommodation, shelter, food and toiletries during their entire stay while still processing their travel documents.

The Zimbabwean consular in Botswana assisted the minors with temporary travel documents to go back home.

The process was well coordinated through inter- agency collaboration between Botswana Red Cross Society; the department of immigration, the Department of Social services, the Zimbabwean consular in Botswana as well as our counterparts in Zimbabwe.

(The department of child protection and probation services and Zimbabwe Red Cross Society) This enabled information exchanges and complementary interventions for the beneficiaries and it helped prevent duplication of activities and avoided gaps in assistance provided by Botswana Red Cross Society.

As a humanitarian organization auxiliary to the Government of Botswana.

The Government of Botswana duly recognizes the BRCS on the basis of the Geneva Conventions and national legislation as an Independent, voluntary aid society, auxiliary to the public authorities in the humanitarian field.

Botswana Red Cross has a mandate of helping reuniting families who have been separated around the world.

The Organisation helps to restore contact between families separated by armed conflict, disaster or migration by using the global Red Cross and Red Crescent network.

To find your missing relatives, we need as much information as possible.

We will help you fill out a form and send this information to the Red Cross or Red Crescent National Society in the country you think your relative is in, or to the International Committee of the Red Cross who will try to find your family.

Our ability to trace people depends on the information you can provide and local circumstances, including the security situation in the relevant country.


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