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December 5, 2013 1:10 PM

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Samsung does a fingerprint scanner after all

We've already reported on Samsung's plans for an iris scanner to be included in some device next year, and also discussed how the company reported it was a year behind Apple in terms of fingerprint scanning technology, but now we know Samsung will indeed release devices with fingerprint scanners in 2014. Previously, Samsung had said they wouldn't produce fingerprint scanners for smartphones and tablets at all, but now Reuters are telling us the CEO of a fingerprinting technology company is claiming to be one of the possible suppliers to deliver what Samsung needs.

Samsung has patented a ''method of controlling objects on a transparent display'' that is clearly designed for transparent smartphones. Where Samsung intends to put the guts of the smartphone is anybody's guess because it's safe to say there's more than air behind the screen of your S4. The patent shows transparent panels on both sides of the device, with touch gestures performing a range of functions including opening and working with folders, pausing video and capturing stills, manipulating two objects on screen via the front and back panels and more. However it ends up working it will change the way we use our phone.

Samsung is looking at metal mesh touch screen panels for inclusion in their tablets in 2014, a cheaper, more durable and more adaptable technology than their current efforts. Metal mesh panels are more flexible than regular displays and fit in with Samsung's plans for bendable screens in the coming years. The technology is also cheaper to produce (which probably won't result in cheaper gadgets, at least for the consumer) and allow for the possibility of chipless stylus recognition. Without the need for a digitizer chip, stylus support will become cheaper again and will open up possibilities for its inclusion on non-premium devices.

There seems to be more and more reasons to believe there will be a plastic and a metal chassis version of the Galaxy S5 when it comes out in the first quarter of 2014. A new Korean report claims ''some Galaxy S5 models'' will have an LDS antenna built into the rear plate of the phone (that's the bit behind the battery). The Galaxy Note 3 already has this technology, in case you didn't know, which means the technology will most likely be reserved for a plastic bodied phone. It therefore seems likely that the metal version of the S5 will have a traditional antenna, which is more expensive and makes the device thicker, but less prone to damage.

What do you think about these Samsung plans? Are you looking forward to a transparent dual-display, flexible screened, stylus-supported, mid-range, metal bodied Samsung tablet with a fingerprint and iris scanner?


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