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Botswana: Of BFA, Bolting Chief Exercutives

September 11, 2017 11:48 AM
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Gaborone — Thuso Dikgaka, Keith Masters, Kitso Kemoeng, Duncan Kgame, Mooketsi Kgotlele and Judge Mookodi are some of the Botswana Football Association (BFA)chief executive officers (CEO) who have not completed their term.

In fact no CEO or executive secretary has ever completed his term in office with the BFA except for Ashford Mamelodi.

BOPA reporter Anastacia Sibanda caught up with the only CEO who stood the test of time and completed his contract.

Hello, Ashford Mamelodi, kindly share with me as to what we mean by the general secretary of a football association.

The president of a federation is the political head of an association whilst the general secretary is the administrative head of the association.

It is important that there is full appreciation of what the job entails and the responsibilities of the general secretary.

My definition of the general secretary is the "GS and his staff" as the two should not be separated.

It is simple, it is reporting to and working under the direction of the president and the executive committee.

He assumes full authority over the secretariat and ensures that they provide the association with efficient and effective management.

In this regard he must be allowed space to employ suitably qualified staff.

Mamelodi: He works closely with but not only with the president. Executive committee members are the decision making body of the association and the general secretary must never usurp this role.

The executive committee is responsible for strategy, policy, regulations and oversight.

It is the responsibility of the secretariat, led by the general secretary, to put into operation the decisions of the executive committee.

He is also an ex-officio member of the executive committee, but with no voting rights.

He must keep the president and executive committee fully informed on all major issues affecting the association, including all legal disputes and financial developments.

What other responsibilities are entrusted in the general secretary because I want to understand why people never finish their contract, maybe there is a lot of work to do and they cannot handle it.

In summary the general secretary has amongst others the following responsibilities: governance, secretariat management, strategic planning development and implementation of finance and revenue generation, stakeholder relationships, communication and football activities.

As can be deduced from the above, the GS and his staff are the nucleus of the association. They are the heartbeat of the association.

The sooner, therefore, that a solid base of the secretariat is established the better.

A solid secretariat can carry an association even without an exco for a reasonable period of time.

Sporadic and haphazard changes to the GS in an association even before a solid base or team is established cannot augur well for any association.

I firmly believe that some BFA GS's have had the requisite qualities to manage this position, but have failed on account of the following, a disunited exco whose differences inevitably affects the secretariat.

A deficient governance at the exco level, an inadequately skilled secretariat, a micro-managing exco, lack of operational freedom for the GS and poor or no strategic planning.

Thank you very much for you time, I just wanted Batswana to appreciate the role of BFA general secretary and maybe understand as to why they never finish their contracts.

The role of the SG can best be described as that of a parastatal or company CEO. In the same way that these CEO's often succeed, the BFA GS or CEO must also be supported to succeed.

Not until we change the way we do business at Lekidi, will we be able to take the football ship to calmer waters with a solid secretariat.


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